The TOMPLAST orthopedic plant is a company that has been on the orthopedic products market since 1978. It is the only Polish company producing this type of supplies. The company's offer includes: metal elements of modular prostheses and temporary lower and upper limbs. Including joints and adapters of the prosthetic modular system and elements of the prosthetic socket technology. In addition, limb orthotics such as splints and orthopedic abutments are also available for sale. And the company's unique products are extremely important elements of orthopedic equipment.

On the website you will find a full catalog of products (including leg prosthesis, thigh prosthesis, prosthetic knees, orthopedic splints, prosthetic feet), along with their description, information for both amputees and orthopedic institutions, as well as news in the field of company activities, organized trainings, or the latest products appearing in the offer.

Currently, the orthopedic facility TOMPLAST actively cooperates with modern orthopedic facilities located throughout Poland. We invite you to contact the company's headquarters and join the group of units cooperating with us in the field of prosthetics, orthotics or rehabilitation.

Orthopedic products - leg prosthesis, thigh prosthesis, prosthetic knees, prosthetic socket, orthopedic splints, prosthetic feet.

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Polycentric knee joint, 4 axes, aluminum.Very durable joint with needle bearings. Quiet operation th..
Aluminum hip joint with spring launcher. Adjustable in 3 planes. Maximum load 125kg...
NOVELTY. Aluminum 4-axis knee joint with lock. The articulation has an ejection force and braking co..
T208.1 is a set of thigh prosthetic modular elements. It has a uniaxial knee joint, which is locke..
The four-axis polycentric knee joint T222.2 has been specially designed for use in amputation with e..
For many years, TOMPLAST has been actively cooperating only with specialized orthopedic units located throughout Poland.
TOMPLAST supplies orthopedic facilities with a wide range of ready-made medical products of the highest quality, very attractive prices and characterized by high comfort of use.
TOMPLAST is a company existing on the market since 1978. Thanks to many years of experience, the company's products are characterized by high quality, and every detail is made with attention to the smallest details.
Lock termination with sleeve connector; The lock is made of high quality aluminum; Weight 365 g (t..
Steel pyramid adapter for lamination of the socket for lower leg prostheses. Maximum load 100kg...
Assembly with M18 thread; Maximum load 125 kg; Weight: 40 g The aluminum ratchet assembly can b..

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