Laminated socket adapters

Laminated socket  adapters

Adapters used to connect the socket of the
lower limb prosthesis with further structural elements.

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Adapter T212 for lamination of the lower leg prosthesis socket

Steel pyramid adapter for lamination of the socket for lower leg prostheses. Maximum load 100kg...

Pyramid adapter for T202 socket lamination

Three-armed adapter. Maximum load 140kg. The arms can be flexed freely...

Steel adapter T213.2

Rotary socket adapter for lamination with thread. Three-armed with one longer arm. Maximum load 125k..

T206 pyramid rotary adapter

The steel adapter's arms T202, T206, T213.1 and T213.2 can be bent as required. Pyramid rotary adap..

T206.2 pyramid rotary adapter

Set T206.2 - adapter for socket lamination T213.3 + rotary adapter with pyramidal tip T235.1..

T213.1 rotary adapter with thread

Rotary adapter for socket lamination, with thread. Maximum load 125kg. Can be used for knee joints f..

T218 steel extension sleeve adapter

The kit includes T213.1 and T238. 88mm threaded bushing. Maximum load 125kg...

T220 steel pyramid adapter for socket lamination

Four-arm pyramid adapter. Arm length 80mm. Maximum load 140kg...

T232 pyramid adapter for socket lamination

A unique four-arm adapter with a 90mm arm length. Maximum load 140kg...

T234 extension adapter with aluminum threaded sleeve

Adapter with 80mm aluminum extension sleeve. The kit includes T 213.1 and T237. Maximum load 100kg...

T254 laminating disc

Used to connect the leg prosthesis socket with adapters T214, T224.1, T224.2...