Knee joints

Knee joints
Knee joints for modular lower limb              prosthesess for amputation above the knee  joint

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4-axis knee joint T222.1

Polycentric knee joint, 4 axes, aluminum.Very durable joint with needle bearings. Quiet operation th..

T100 4-axis knee joint with lock

NOVELTY. Aluminum 4-axis knee joint with lock. The articulation has an ejection force and braking co..

T208.1 knee joint

T208.1 is a set of thigh prosthetic modular elements. It has a uniaxial knee joint, which is locked ..

T222.2 knee joint

The four-axis polycentric knee joint T222.2 has been specially designed for use in amputation with e..

T222.3 knee joint

The T222.3 four-axis polycentric knee joint has a lower clamping adapter with a spring element, whic..

T222.4 knee joint

The 222.4four-axis polycentric knee joint has a spring element that supports extension and allows fo..

T230 knee joint with lock

The knee joint with a lock engaged in the extension phase allows for safe use of the prosthesis. Aft..

T60 safety knee joint

Knee joint with brake activated upon loading of the prosthesis. Adjustable braking force. Rubber kne..

T80 safety knee joint

Safety knee joint with brake activated when loading the prosthesis. Adjustable braking force and thr..

T90 knee joint

The T90 knee joint has a safety system with activates when the prosthesis is loaded,increasing the c..