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T253 aluminum lock with a sleeve for silicone or gel liners

Lock termination with sleeve connector; The lock is made of high quality aluminum; Weight 365 g (t..

T308 orthopedic splints for orthoses

Steel splints for orthoses with double-sided lock. Set of 2, mirror image. Width 14mm...

4-axis knee joint T222.1

Polycentric knee joint, 4 axes, aluminum.Very durable joint with needle bearings. Quiet operation th..

Adapter T212 for lamination of the lower leg prosthesis socket

Steel pyramid adapter for lamination of the socket for lower leg prostheses. Maximum load 100kg...

Aluminum parts of the T2 shin temporary prosthesis

Temporary prosthesis of the leg. Aluminum metal parts of temporary shin prosthesis, Warsaw type. L..

Aluminum ratchet assembly for leg locks T251A1

Assembly with M18 thread; Maximum load 125 kg; Weight: 40 g The aluminum ratchet assembly can be ..

Aluminum wedge to obtain a heel with a height of about 20mm in SACH T7 alloy

Aluminum wedge for obtaining a heel with a height of about 20mm in SACH alloy..

Breadboard T254A1

Reusable breadboard for laminating the T254 disc...

Breadboard T255A1

Reusable breadboard for lamination of the T255 shield. Prepares the plane for T214, T224, T224.1, T2..