T211.6 sliding adapter

T211.6 sliding adapter

The T211.6 funnel sliding adapter with a length of 105 mm is used in the case of an abnormal position of the stump relative to the rest of the body. This occurs when the stump is pulled forward at rest, which is caused by thigh muscle contracture. The adapter can be used temporarily to correct stump displacement, or permanently to position the prosthesis. It has regulation in the frontal and sagittal plane and the possibility of external radial rotation in the range of 4 °. The T211.6 sliding adapter, 105 mm long, can be used in many different configurations. It is recommended to connect  it to a T224 or T214 four-screw adapter, T236 sleeve adapter, T246.1 sleeve adapter, or T246 screw adapter, which in turn can be combined with the T241 pyramid adapter.
Activity I,II,III
Article number T211.6
Weight 185 g
Adapter type Short sliding adapter
Effective height 15 mm
Material Aluminium
Maximum load 125 kg
Setting range from the reference line 39-50 mm
Total length of the adapter 105 mm

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